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Specialist SQD Electonics


WUXI Jiangsu, CN, 214028

Country/Region:  CN

  1. General
    1. Area of responsibility:                  Supplier Quality
    2. Direct Superior:                            Director Supplier Quality Business Area
    3. Location:                                      various, WorldWide


  1. Main Objectives
                • To complete pro-active and escalated re-active quality assurance activities as dictated by the needs of the business:
                • Pro Active :
                • Global support of the SQ function with respect to a specific area of technology (eg Plastic Moulding, Metal Casting / Machining, Electrical / Electronics). This will involve both personal activity and advising other SQE’s for all aspects of the supplier management, from initial approval, first part approval, serial concerns and escalation management
                • To ensure that our suppliers follow APQP processes to improve the supplied quality delivered into KA plants by using the SPQ process / Requalification process as appropriate
                • Development of the Suppliers by following the KBD-NPI or NPI process for new products in development and the PIP process for modifications.
                • To ensure feasibility issues reported by the supplier are reviewed and resolved as early as possible
                • Improvement of the Supply Base performing, for example, on-site Run@Rate, process audits (VDA 6.3) and / or system audits as required by projects or business needs
                • To ensure all information and documentation relating to part, project or supplier is kept up to date on all relevant KA systems
                • To support continuous improvement activity at suppliers when required
                • To update Jaggaer Supplier Quality data (eg Audits)


                • Reactive :
  • To resolve issues within launch phase to SOP + 90 days period, and/or until passing Gate 6 of the NPI process.
  • To support / coordinate SRT and other escalations where required.
  • To support the plants and plant SQ Engineers in level 2 quality escalation cases if requested and to take lead for project level 2 and project / quality level 3 escalation cases






  1. Area of Responsibility
  • To have a specific focus in one area of technology, to take the lead in developing best practice to manage that technology.
  • To ensure that all purchased parts are PPAP approved to the appropriate level.
  • To create, maintain up-to-date and release, in a timely manner, an Open Issue List for each project and / or supplier (Project follow-up).
  • To track any delays and issues in the Supplier’s process development and product conformity and ensure all analysis and recovery action plans are released and updated in a timely manner to avoid any delay in the PPAP submission date.
  • To report immediately to his direct manager and functional manager any risk (Quality, Delay, Capacity, etc ) on the projects he is responsible for and propose solutions.
  • To develop and implement incoming inspection together with the receiving plant if a supplier cannot ensure that their process is under control before serial production.
  • To carry out system and process audits (VDA 6.3) at the suppliers' with reference to ISO 9001 and additional requirements specific to the customer and the company and also with reference to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.
  • When necessary to perform other assignments in his/her sphere of qualifications and work.
  • Ensure accuracy of input into jaggaer for SQ activities
  • To solve problems and to monitor corrective measures on escalations level 2/3. All information regarding the concern shall be handed over from the responsible plant Supplier Quality Engineer.
  • Prepare presentations on level 3 proposals for de-escalation to appropriate forum
  • To participate and support purchasing nomination activity (eg SBA meetings)
  • To assure that the Supplier Quality Manual are approved and implemented by all suppliers. To escalate any disagreements until resolved.




  1. Personal Tasks
  • To act as the SQ expert for the specified technology, to assist and train other members of the team and to develop best practice
  • To act as a general SQD for other parts according to the needs of the business
  • To report to the launch team within the plant, the project team and their direct manager to ensure that NPIs and PIPs are supported in a timely manner.
  • To ensure feasibility is reviewed and risk assessment is carried out for all components requiring PPAP approval.
  • To report the current status of all parts undergoing PPAP approval by proactive discussion with PIP, Launch and Project teams.
  • In case they cannot solve issues highlighted during suppliers APQP process, to collate all information required for decision making and escalate as appropriate within the organisation.
  • To propose continuous system improvements, specifically with regard to the SQD / purchasing process.
  • To drive continuous improvements at the supplier.
  • To report immediately to the direct and functional manager when major issues occur. (for instance: production line stop, customer disturbance, warranty issues, …)



  1. Main Challenges
  • To work pro-actively with the Launch team, Project Buyers, R&D and our suppliers to prevent future issues and misunderstandings, using for example, feasibility studies, drawing reviews and ECR.
  • To escalate concerns within KA in a timely manner to avoid delays in projects.
  • To develop and utilise effective measures to ensure continuous improvements at the supplier.
  • To reduce the need for incoming inspection at KA.
  • To utilise the systems and procedures to support the work of the purchasers, especially when sourcing new parts.
  • To ensure that all purchased parts are approved to appropriate PPAP level on time.



  1. Important External Contacts

•     Customers (When requested as support to the plant or launch teams)

•     External service providers (e.g. third party auditors when requested)

•     Suppliers, both internal and external.

  • Technical experts such as universities, laboratories and other sources of expertise


  1. Competence profile (ideal)

Education:                               Technical engineer.

Training in quality assurance, further training in measuring engineering, print interpretation, tolerances of form and position and training in auditing.

VDA 6.3 Certified Auditor,

Auditor for IATF 16949 / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 is considered additional qualification

Practical experience:              To be able to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and experience in a specific technology. To show a wide range of experience within manufacturing industry around the broader technology group.
At least five years’ experience in manufacturing industry, preferably in production engineering or quality engineering.

Languages:                              Have a good command of written and spoken English. Further linguistic skills are considered an additional qualification.

Special requirements:             Reporting

                                                Knowledge of KA procedures (especially KBD-NPI / PIP)

Knowledge of ISO 26262 (ASIL) requirements

                                                Supplier process audits (1st and 2nd party auditor) VDA 6.3

Relevant quality tools and techniques (APQP, PPAP, root cause analysis, 8D, etc...)

Computer skills including MS Office, MS Sharepoint etc

High degree of personal integrity and confidence

Good conflict management skills

Facilitation skills with a high focus on solutions

Frequent travel as required


  1. Authority
  • To implement the supplier quality strategy as defined.
  • To use Customer specific supplier quality documents when KA standards cannot apply.
  • To represent KA & KA end-customer in front of the suppliers and drive necessary actions to protect KA and its customers.
  • To act independently within the scope of the current rules of the company (SQM, CoC, …).
  • To implement the supplier quality strategy and directions as defined by the business unit Director Supplier Quality
  • To use customers’ specific supplier quality documents when mandated by the customer and/or when automotive and/or group standards cannot apply.
  • To recommend approval or not of current and new suppliers after having preformed an audit at the supplier.
  • Recommend changes in supplier status based on supplier response following escalation process

We want your integrity, accountability, creativity and teamwork mindset and skills

In Kongsberg Automotive we embrace diversity within our workforce. We make recruiting decisions based on experience and skills and pride ourselves on having a strong culture of leadership, diversity and inclusiveness.

We aim to employ the world’s brightest minds, providing a limitless pool of ideas and opportunities, who will incorporate our core values within their work. We believe in hiring talented people of varied backgrounds, experiences and styles and offer an unlimited contract within a dynamic and international environment with prospects for personal growth.

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