Bachelor's and Master's Thesis program

Do you have a final thesis in the pipeline? Whether it is for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, Kongsberg Automotive can offer you pioneering topics in a variety of disciplines.

If you have a strategic mind, possess exceptional analytical skills and want to be part of shaping and developing a global automotive company, Kongsberg Automotive will make a strong partner for your thesis.

Plus, you’ll be able to forge invaluable contacts for when you enter the working world. While working on your thesis, you will be mentored professionally throughout the entire process.

You will work with your subject at the crossroads between theory and practice, thus gaining invaluable hands-on practical experience and expanding your own network early in your career.

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Kongsberg Automotive and experience the exciting world of a leading international automotive company.

  • What we offer

    • Benefit from excellent specialist guidance throughout your thesis
    • Gain invaluable practical work experience and increase your professional capabilities through responsibilities assigned to you
    • Opportunity to build and expand a local and international network
  • What we offer

    • Broaden your knowledge in specialist seminars, for example, on quality management or conducting negotiations
    • Sign a fixed-term contract valid until your graduation
    • Receive remuneration for your work
  • What we offer

    Technical thesis disciplines

    • Product development
    • Engineering
    • Production
    • Automation
    • Information systems and technology (IS/IT)
  • What we offer

    Business admin. thesis disciplines

    • Leadership/ management
    • Finance
    • Business development
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Human resources
    • Culture and organization

  • What qualifies you

    Technical qualifications

    • You are about to or have completed your Bachelor’s degree with outstanding results, or aiming for your Master's degree
    • Degree in Electronics, Engineering, the Natural Sciences or in a Business administration discipline 
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Fluency in English, written and oral
    • Additional languages are an advantage
  • What qualifies you

    Personal traits

    • Innovative, strategic and analytical
    • Inhabit a cosmopolitan outlook
    • A team player with a high sense of responsibility, initiative and intercultural sensitivity
    • Have high self-motivation and ability to work independently

How to apply

All final thesis vacancies can be found in our job portal. Apply directly online here.
Please always apply in due time for advertised vacancies with your complete application documents.