Working @ KA

When working for Kongsberg Automotive you are part of a family, the KA Family!

We take care of each other, help and guide each other, we push each other to do our best. We always do our best each other. Sometimes we disagree, but through good discussions and team work, we find the best solutions; together.

As a family we are also adamant about health and safety, and we care for our social and environmental impact. We follow all laws and regulations in the countries we operate, and we implement international recognized standards to make sure that we do what we can to conduct a sustainable business; for our employees, for our local communities, and to make sure that we operate in a sustainable manner for our environment at large. 

Below you can read more about our HSE and corporate responsibility initiatives.

  • It is our people that make us world class!

    We have a competent and skillful workforce who is committed to our mission purpose statement and values. They thrive on a challenge and are ambitious on behalf of both KA and themselves. 

    Due to our remarkable, highly skilled and dedicated employees' efforts, we have a leading position within our industry. It is by these efforts we will remain a competitive force also in the future.


  • Shared culture, shared goal

    The culture we all share is based on our dedication and commitment to enhancing the driving experience by delivering quality and innovative solutions to our customers across the globe.



  • Shared values

    Integrity is at our core, accountability is a prerequisite, our team working skills and creative mindset enables us to create innovative solutions and solve any challenges; we do it together!

  • Make an impact, become part of our world-class team!

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