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Kongsberg Automotive provides world-class products to the global vehicle industry. Our products enhance the driving experience, making it safer, more comfortable and sustainable. With revenues of approx. EUR 1.1 billion and approximately 11.500 employees in 19 countries, Kongsberg Automotive is truly a global supplier. The company is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland and has more than 25 production facilities worldwide. The product portfolio includes seat comfort systems, driver and motion control systems, fluid assemblies, and industrial driver interface products developed for global vehicle manufacturers.

Network Security Administrator


WUXI Jiangsu, CN, 214028

Country/Region:  CN

  1. <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Reporting Structure


<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Report to:                                       ISG Security Manager                                          


<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Secondary report:                           ISG Manager


<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Direct Subordinates                        None                                                                                                                     


  1. <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Main Purpose of Role


  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Provides complex technical oversight and enforcement of security directives, standards, plans and procedures at specific sites.
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Perform network vulnerability analysis and reporting. 
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Performs network security monitoring and analysis, identifies suspicious and malicious activities, identifies and tracks malicious code (including worms, viruses, Trojan horses, etc), enters and tracks events and incidents.


  1. <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Main Duties and Responsibilities


  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Identifies security risks, threats and vulnerabilities of networks, systems, applications and new technology initiatives. 
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Develops tests and operates firewalls, intrusion detection systems
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Identifies personnel needed to implement plan. Presents plan to management and recommends means of obtaining required facilities, for example contracting with off-site vendor. 
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Writes reports to document test results and updates emergency recovery procedures.
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Configure and troubleshoot network configurations.  Deploy, configure, and troubleshoot firewalls, load balancers and switches.
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Setup site-to-site and client-based VPNs for secured remote access.
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Assist with change management and documentation of complex networking environments.
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Provides complex engineering analysis and support for firewalls, routers, networks and operating systems.
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Performs and evaluates vulnerability scans within a multi-platform, large enterprise environment.
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Reacts to and initiates corrective action regarding security violations, attempts to gain unauthorized access, virus infections that may affect the network or other event affecting security.
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Assist in evaluation of new security and networking products. Modifies, tests, and corrects existing network structure. Evaluates and tests vendor-supplied software packages to determine compatibility with existing system, ease of use, and if software meets user needs. 
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Support other technologies as assigned.


<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Special Projects - <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">A large portion of the job will be to carry out special assignments prepared and given to them by the ISG Manager or other IT Management.


<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Other Projects - <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">As assigned by Manager.


<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">TRAVEL Requirements:<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif"> Network Security administrators are required to travel up to 8 weeks per year.



  1. <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Competence Profile


<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Attributes, Skills, Knowledge, Experience


<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Knowledge of LANs, WAN’s, VPNs, VLAN’s, Routers, and Firewalls.

<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif"><span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Understanding of WAN and LAN environments.  Experience with Fortigate firewalls, Cisco switches, and Aerohive Wifi Solutions desired.  TCP/IP principles and good troubleshooting skills.  Understanding of DNS configuration and implications. 


<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Ideally to be qualified to <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">bachelor's degree <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">level <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">in area of specialty <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">and /<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">or <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">extensive <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">experience in the field or in a related area. Familiar with a variety of the fields concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Able to multitask, prioritise workloads and to have a <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">high<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif"> degree of creativity and latitude<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">.  Proven <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">problem-solving<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif"> skills, with strong<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif"> customer services skills<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif"> and <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">excellent written and verbal communication skills. 

We want your integrity, accountability, creativity and teamwork mindset and skills

In Kongsberg Automotive we embrace diversity within our workforce. We make recruiting decisions based on experience and skills and pride ourselves on having a strong culture of leadership, diversity and inclusiveness.

We aim to employ the world’s brightest minds, providing a limitless pool of ideas and opportunities, who will incorporate our core values within their work. We believe in hiring talented people of varied backgrounds, experiences and styles and offer an unlimited contract within a dynamic and international environment with prospects for personal growth.

Welcome to an outstanding career in Kongsberg Automotive!

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Posting date::  Nov 13, 2020